Monday, August 5, 2013

Counting Down To South Africa

Wednesday night we're scheduled to fly YVR-LHR on AC*. After a long layover - roughly eight hours - we fly LHR-JNB on SA.**

We've enjoyed ourselves visiting family and being visited by family over the past few weeks, using time in between to finalize details and consider our packing.

We haven't finalized yet which suitcases we're taking. The choice at the moment is between three roll-aboards, at least one of which we'd have to check, and one roll-aboard plus our larger suitcase, which we'd have to check. If we can make everything fit into the two that's our preferred choice.

The contents include presents for young people we encounter, including four brand-new soccer balls (deflated of course) and two small pumps, along with some bird whistles and slide whistles.

From a perfectly selfish point of view, what a time for the U.S. State Department to issue a Worldwide Caution.  Nothing specific to the areas we're visiting, although the opposition party in Zimbabwe is unhappy about the recent election results. Still, while there we're only going to Victoria Falls, which is supposed to be safe.

About 48 hours from now we should be sitting on AC #854, which at the moment is still flying over Northern Manitoba, according to Flight Tracker.

We're starting to get a little bit excited about it all.

*Vancouver to London Heathrow on Air Canada
**London Heathrow to Johannesburg on South African Airways

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