Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lesostho: The Highest Pub In Africa

Yes, that's where our group ate lunch yesterday - some 2800 meters or 9400 feet after an exciting four-wheel-drive trip up through a mountain pass. We exited South Africa, entered Lesotho, and visited a very primitive hut, where an elderly woman had baked some bread.

The wind was howling and a down jacket wouldn't have been too warm. We gave away a couple of the soccer balls we bought, although the only children we saw there were under four. Kathy also handed out some pads of papers and crayons. The older children go to boarding school but we hope they can use the soccer balls when they return.

Then it was the trip back down. the hill to dinner and a good night's sleep.

We burned up our Vodacom air card, probably posting that 12-second video of the elephants, so posting will be sporadic until we either reach a hotel or find a Vodacom store.

We're about to go to breakfast here and then board the bus for a long day of driving to our next stop.

A virus of some sort is affecting some of our tour group - flu-like symptoms - but we're sleeping as much as possible, washing our hands frequently, and thinking positive.

We're having a fabulous time  and can't wait to post more photos.

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