Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Great South African Airways Flight LHR-JNB

We thoroughly enjoyed our flight from Heathrow to Tambo Airport. The crew were friendly and helpful, and we got a few more hours of sleep.

There were a few bumps in the middle of the night but otherwise it was smooth flying. We landed in a light rain, cleared Immigration after about a five-minute wait in line, and found our checked suitcase on the baggage carousel as we walked up to it.

Customs was a simple walk through the "nothing-to-declare" line, and here we sit in the small but comfortable SAA Arrivals Lounge, relaxing with cups of strong coffee after luxurious showers.

We'll hang out here for awhile before going onward. Before leaving the airport we'll try to extract some Rands from the nearest ATM, and buy a data card to fit in our new netbook "dongle."

From there we take the new Gautrain for Sandton, and perhaps try to arrange a pickup there by the Hilton Sandton, our lodging for the next two nights.

Somehow, we suspect a nap may be in order this afternoon after two consecutive overnight flights.

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