Thursday, August 22, 2013

South African Saga: Caves And Ostriches

We've driven through some significant mountain passes today, with one completed by Italian prisoners of war in 1948 (we presume they were "invited" to stay after 1945 to finish up the job).

The distant mountain ranges are impressive on a Rocky Mountain scale, although without nearly as much snow.

This morning we went on a tour of the Cango Caves, not nearly as big as some we have visited but spectacular in its display of curtains, stalagmites, and stalagtites.

We then drove to the Safari Ostrich Farm, the same one we visited five years ago with Tom and Ellyn. Various people posed themselves sitting on the ostriches and four rode them around. Kathy happened to take a video of Rachel, a lovely young British lady on tour with her brother and father, and we'll post it here as soon as we have a decent Internet connection. No, Ellyn, although people held their hands and arms out for the ostriches to bite, nobody got bruised today.

On the way out, we managed to buy a couple of items in the gift shop that may interest a few of our grand kids, fighting our way gamely through a horde of Asian tourists buying hats and painted ostrich eggs by the dozen.

We're now riding back through the mountain passes on our way to our final tour night on the road. Tomorrow it's onward to Cape Town where we'll say our farewells to Craig Oliver, our outstanding guide, Oupa, our skillful and very safe driver, and our 40-or-so fellow tour members. From then on we'll be on our own again.

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