Wednesday, August 28, 2013

South Africa Saga: Bar Bill Trivia

The bartender just walked through our train car handing out bills. Again we were reminded of a few interesting points in regard to ordering an alcoholic drink in South Africa.

First, alcohol is cheap, as is restaurant food in general. Even on the Premier Classe Shosholoza train, an single pour of gin cost us 10 Rand, or about USF $1.

Second, if you order a drink here, as we have a few times, it is very common to be asked "single or double."

Third, if you order a gin and tonic, the tonic is billed separately. On this bill, for example, it is itemized as R.10.00 for the gin and R.8.00 for the tonic.

Our total bar bill on this 27-hour train ride for the most expensive wine on the menu (R. 130.000), three gins (Brian ordered a double), two cans of tonic, and one bottle of still water @ R. 12.00, adds up to R.188.00, about USF $19.

If you don't include the cost and distance of the flights, this is a very good place to travel in some style.

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