Monday, August 26, 2013

Down By The Station: Shosholoza Meyl Premier Classe Train

Early in the morning...

We took a taxi here from hotel. It's raining and windy and there were a few dodgy street people hanging around when we strolled over here Sunday, so we considered the $5 taxi very cost-effective.

We've walked in, had our two larger bags checked (to be taken to our cabin), and are sitting in a quaint waiting room with an interesting variety of fellow passengers boarding in 45 minutes or whenever.
One of the cutest is a little boy dressed in what first appeared to be jammies and a bathrobe. Actually, he's screaming right now and it's actually some kind of jacket over pants but he was cute for a few minutes.

We've been offered coffee and it's fun to relax here anticipating our upcoming rail adventure on the Shosholoza Meyl Premier Classe train.

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