Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Return Visit To Swaziland

Today we were up and on the bus at a fairly leisurely 8:00 a.m.

Our destination today was Swaziland and we spent a fair amount of time driving up and down mountain passes.

Leaving South Africa and entering Swaziland involves a little bit of a ceremony, but basically it allowed both countries to peer at our passports and punch in more stamps.

We stopped at the glass factory, as we did five years ago, but this time it included a lunch stop. We decided to eat lunch first and tour the shops later.

When we're back home and have time to fill in the details, we'll include with glee some of our dining experiences. Today, we were the third order from our bus, and it took 36 minutes for the food to arrive. It was actually quite tasty - a sort of chicken salad contained in pita bread with a side salad - and very reasonably priced.

Yes, we realize once again that we are in Africa.

We also made a stop at the Swaziland National Museum, where we ran into large number of school classes of really cute children attending the museum. One group was quite excited by us and Brian and Kathy both proceeded along a line inviting high-fives from the kids. The Swazi people are reputedly quite proud of their country and seem to be genuinely welcoming to foreigners, even those who look so very different.

Tonight we're staying in a quite-decent hotel, and tomorrow we'll wend our way out of Swaziland and into Zululand and  Park.

We opted for the buffet tonight. At $17 a head it should have been better than it was but the stir-fry station was decent and we have managed to have ourselves a very nice evening.

The prices at the glass factory seemed to be a lot higher than they were on our last visit. We bought one small item but contented ourselves with window-shopping, and with utilizing the restrooms, where Brian discovered a sign written in five or six different languages.

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