Monday, August 26, 2013

In Cape Town: Lunch At Balducci's

After a somewhat annoying morning divided between sorting out our cancelled credit card (two U.S. merchants to contact about automatic payments) and re-packing the bags for our upcoming train trip and subsequent flight to Victoria Falls, we spoiled ourselves with a leisurely lunch on the V &A waterfront at Balducci's, a well-regarded joint.

Today is chilly compared to yesterday's sunny skies, so we started with soup, onion for Kathy and minnestrone for Brian, both hot and excellent.

 After that it was a pan pizza for each, with about the thinnest crust imaginable, but quite tasty.

 Sean, our young waiter from Durban, was friendly and knowledgeable, steering us toward a very pleasant glass of La Motte Sauvignon Blanc.

We took the Westin Shuttle back to the hotel, managed to spend "face time" wishing grandson Jake a happy birthday and saying hi to sister Taegan, and also spending some face time with grand kids Riley, Blane, and Jace. How amazing is technology - when it's working. An e-mail earlier today letting us know that our other three grandchildren are having a great time with their parents in Belize made our day as well.

We spent awhile in the Westin's top-floor lounge, enjoying the view and nibbling on the appetizers.

Now it's nearly time for a hot bath for Kathy, still fighting off that Aussie bus bug, an early bedtime, and arriving at the train station by 8:00 a.m. in the morning to ride the Shosholoza Meyl Premier Classe train from Cape Town overnight to Johannesburg.

Down by the station will be early in the morning.

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