Monday, August 26, 2013

South Africa Saga: Cape Town Reflections

We didn't explore Cape Town extensively but we liked what we saw. It is probably as different from Johannesburg as any two cities in the same country can be.

It's a lovely city, especially when the sun is shining, and we're fortunate to be leaving by train on the very first rainy morning of our trip.

Spending a few leisurely days here while Kathy recuperates from the Australian "bus bug," which is basically nasal congestion and a nasty cough, makes us doubly pleased that we had signed on to another cross-country bus tour on our second trip to this country.

Cape Town is a beautiful city nestling in an enviable position between sea and mountains. Wandering around its glamorous waterfront over the past couple of days made us realize we could have been in Sydney or Vancouver or any one of a number of other beautiful cities.

It's been great to visit Cape Town - and we'd happily return - but we feel fortunate to have seen so much more of the country.

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