Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bratislava: Wandering Along The Beautiful Blue Danube

We arrived back at the Sheraton late this morning, and were greeted like returning friends by no fewer than four employees, two of whom called us by name by the time we arrived at the check-in counters.

As we checked in, the General Manager herself, Ms. Dulies, stopped by to greet us. She spent a decade working in Orange County California along with one year in New York. As charming as she is, we can tell from the uniform excellence of the staff that she is a very effective manager, and we enjoyed chatting with her about, what else, travel.

Our friendly check-in employee suggested we'd like our new room and up we went to the fifth floor, where our huge and beautiful room sits on the front corner facing the National Theatre. Even better, we share a gigantic balcony with other rooms that runs the length of the building with a view that stretches to the Danube. Wow!

Speaking of the Danube, it's an absolutely glorious day here, with the temperature in the sun up in the 70s (22 C) at least, and we took advantage by walking upwards of two miles up the river toward Vienna on the beautiful walkway before turning around and walking back.

What a day!

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