Monday, March 19, 2012

VIE Austrian Senator Lounge

We checked out of our hotel, caught the Schnellbahn across the lane to the Vienna Airport (at a cost of 1.80 Euros each because it was an "add-on" to our unexpired 48-hour pass - on the way in cost us 3.60 Euros each) and arrived at the airport in 30 minutes.

Our total ground transportation costs for this trip wouldn't be much more than $80. That would include one 10-Euro taxi ride in Bratislava from the railway station to the hotel (still a rip-off but less than the 18 Euros quoted by another driver), and three multi-day rapid transit passes in Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna, along with the odd single ticket.

We're pleased with that, and as we see tourists lining up buy the very expensive CAT Train tickets that run between the airport and Vienna, we're tempted to run up and show them a cheaper way to get to the city. It pays to do one's research.

This is a good lounge, with free Vienna Airport Internet available. If we hadn't enjoyed a buffet breakfast at the Hilton only a couple of hours ago, we'd be tempted by the tasty dishes available here, but we'll try to maintain some will power in anticipation of a vegetable-soup diet for a few days once we've returned home.

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