Saturday, March 10, 2012

Budapest: Dinner On Castle Hill in Buda at 21 Magyar Vendeglo

We're enjoying appetizers and a glass of wine in the very quiet Hilton Budapest Executive Lounge.

There are quite a few restaurants on Castle Hill, and we've decided to try 21 Magyar Vendeglo, or 21 Hungarian Kitchen in English.

It gets some very good reviews, for example here and here. Kathy has been yearning to try Chicken Paprikash in Hungary, since it's a dish she's been cooking for well over 40 years after her first visit to Budapest in 1967.

Jó étvágyat! Bon Appétit!


We enjoyed dinner at 21 Magyar Vendegio. We both had goulash soup as a starter. Kathy ordered the goose as her main course.

Brian couldn't help but choose Paprikás Csirke - Chicken Paprikash. Naturally, we shared.

It was good and he enjoyed it, but he still prefers Kathy's spicier recipe. Of course, a little research reveals at least 44 different recipes on one site alone, so it's very much a matter of Chacun á son gout.

The restaurant featured a fair amount of "upsell," but we realize the Hungarians are second cousins to the Turks and were ready to counter our charming young waiter's various offers of aperitifs and desserts.

We're back in the Executive Lounge to enjoy our dessert.

We're looking forward to a good night's sleep and more sightseeing tomorrow - maybe even a ride on the local funicular railway.


  1. Love the photos and updates! Looks like you're having a wonderful time!