Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wandering Around Carrefour in Bratislava

According to their website, Carrefour is the second largest retailer in the world,and the largest in Europe, with 9500 stores in 32 countries. It wasn't surprising to find one in the large City Center shopping mall here, after a 10-minute ride on a tram.

We love wandering around markets. In the portion of the store stocking items other than food, we even bought a roll of duct tape (German Pattex Power Tape) to try to patch up the handle of one of our roll-aboards, which annoyingly fell apart this morning.

After that, we compared the beef and the pork, deciding that the pork is probably much higher quality here (and there's certainly a lot more of it displayed for sale), and we couldn't overlook the cured meats and cheese available in abundance.

Oh, oh... looking at all this food is giving us an appetite.

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