Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hmmm... A Good Start

Brian always gets a little nervous when things start out too well.

Last night we enjoyed dinner with three of our granddaughters and their mom, while their dad was driving home after a long day of meetings.

We were actually able to help out by driving Lily and Peyton home back to their house, where Daddy was waiting to tuck them (and himself) into bed while Mom and Avery attended an event.

Daddy just flew back Saturday from an intensive work week in Europe so he'll be catching up on sleep for a little while.

Our sleep was decent last night, although the room was too warm. We mentioned it to the nice folks at the Doubletree and no doubt they'll check it out. Спасибо!

Yesterday we spent about a half hour at the SEA United counter as frazzled agents did their best to cope with the new Continental computer system. There was only one person available who could actually write a ticket, and she was pulled back from lunch break to do it. While Kathy watched her at work, Brian watched three other employees strive to make his ticket work for today. The website couldn't recognize him and it took these good folks about 20 minutes to make it work.

We're not very pleased United customers at the moment, but we at least have a choice of airlines, and we empathize with the employees who are doing the best they can to cope.

We left the hotel at 4:00 a.m., the machine spat out our boarding passes quickly, the security line was nearly empty and we breezed through a metal detector with no Hobbson's Choice between an X-Ray scanner and the rather groping search, so we're happy at the moment.

The coffee in the United Club hits the spot, the employees are as friendly as ever, and we're ready to start a long day of flying: Seattle to Chicago to Newark to Zurich to Vienna.


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