Sunday, September 1, 2013

Home Sweet Sehome - For A Few Days

Our LHR-YVR flight on Air Canada was terrific, very friendly flight attendants, excellent food, and an opportunity to snooze some more in the lovely AC flat-bed seats.

We landed only a few minutes late and zipped through NEXUS very quickly, then having to wait only a few minute before our checked suitcase appeared on the carousel.

A quick call to the parking lot to plug in our receipt number, and our car was already waiting when we arrived on the van little more than five minutes later.

We were feeling so rested that we drove out to Chilliwack to say hello and drop off some little presents for two grandchildren. Jake was at a Vancouver Whitecaps soccer game with his dad, but we spent a few minutes with Taegan and her mom before driving home.

Crossing in the Sumas NEXUS line, we had to give the officer a good explanation of why we had landed in Vancouver but were entering the US through Sumas. Once he'd satisfied himself we hadn't picked up anything "agricultural" in Zimbabwe or elsewhere in our travels, he waved us on though.

What a bonus to arrive home and to be able to say hello to our neighbors on each side and across the street who were outside wrapping up a very successful yard sale event.

We chose to regard it as an official neighborhood welcome-back delegation and it felt doubly good to be home. We did feel a little sheepish having to admit we're off to Singapore a week from tomorrow, and probably leaving here as early as Wednesday so we can see more grandchildren and to visit with one of Kathy's brothers. Greg and June, plus their daughter and son-in-law will be in the Olympia area to attend a family wedding next weekend.

This retirement business really keeps us busy sometimes.

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