Saturday, September 7, 2013

On The Road Again

After two nights in our own in Birch Bay, we had washed our clothes (Kathy: "Make that Kathy washed the clothes"), caught up on our mail, and paid the young girl who had watered our yard over the past three weeks. It was time to leave already and we drove all the way down to the Olympic Peninsula and back into the 50s in Shelton Washington.

We spent two nights in the Shelton Inn, a home away from home, while visiting Kim, John, and children, camping in an apartment until their house purchase hopefully completes soon. Along with greatly enjoying seeing Riley, Blane, and Jace, we enjoyed some decent meals in a Mexican restaurant, a Chinese buffet, and most notably Gianni's Cucina, a tiny non-chain restaurant that offered us excellent food at very reasonable prices. We're going to have to write them up on Trip Advisor.

We drove straight from our goodbyes at the restaurant to Dave's and Dana's house in Issaquah in less than 90 minutes - traffic was light by then on this particular Friday night. That gave us time to visit with Lily, Peyton, and Avery.

Today Kathy will make lasagne as her contribution to the arrival of her brother Greg and family for dinner here this evening.

Sunday we'll hope to spend some more time with grand kids, and what about Monday?

Oh yes, we're flying to Singapore by way of Providence Rhode Island (on two tickets) in our recently-decided quest for one more year of 1K status on United Airlines. With a couple of overnights added to the mix, and five or so nights in Singapore, our itinerary looks like this in airport code:


Yes, that will put a few miles in the bank at a very reasonable price, and a good excuse to have dinner with Greg's and June's daughter and son-in-law in Providence after having just seen them here.

*Hints EWR-Newark, HKG=Hong Kong, NRT=Tokyo Narita

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