Saturday, September 14, 2013

Singapore: Wandering Orchard Road

Orchard Road is of course the most famous shopping area in Singapore (although not of course the only one). After breakfast we took the MRT one stop from Newton to Orchard Road and just strolled, every so often ducking into various air conditioned malls to cool off.

Singapore is hosting a Grand Prix and we discovered lots of merchandise and even the odd Formula One car on display.

The shopping malls are similar to those at home. They tend to be more vertical than our spread-out suburban versions, not surprising in a compressed downtown area.

 Our stroll had been a quiet Sunday morning one. Suddenly, on the way back we found a huge crowd heading our way like an ocean tide suddenly coming in. It was a happy crowd of Singaporeans, many of whom were talking loudly and adding a not-unpleasant sound to the atmosphere that was higher-pitched than that of a North American crowd. We still don't whether there was a sale somewhere or movie just opening but we decided it was time to catch the MRT back to our hotel.

It's raining quite hard at the moment, and we may divide our time between here and the lounge for awhile until it blows over.

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