Monday, September 23, 2013

SEA Airport Doubletree

After a satisfying Chinese buffet in Shelton with three grand kids and their parents, we enjoyed an easy drive up to the Seattle Airport Doubletree where we've stayed so many times before for a Park-and-Fly package.

We were pleased to learn that they have at least partly restored the benefits for elite members that they'd removed awhile back. The $10 credit per person can be applied either to the coffee stand or to the buffet breakfast, although not, as in the past, to dinner in the restaurant.

That works for us tomorrow because our first flight of the day to LAX doesn't depart until 1:00 p.m. or so. As well, the pleasant young check-in clerk comped us tonight's self-parking, and we'll turn our car over to the valet tomorrow, which should keep us within the two-week limit as long as our returning flight arrives before noon October 8.

Our room on the seventh floor of the tower has been modestly refurbished and the wireless Internet is working well. We even have a balcony but it's a little chilly and rainy to enjoy this evening.

We can't really ask for much more.


Gregory said...

What are your plans for Taiwan? I've only been once -- to Taipei and the northeastern coast -- and plan to eventually return to see more of the island, which I understand is easier with the opening of the high speed rail along the west coast (though I don't think it quite goes all the way to Kaohsiung yet). Plan to spend a full day at the National Palace Museum if you have any interest in Chinese art at all. Also, don't be surprised to be offered a free guided tour; an art student who wanted to practice her English gave me an introductory tour and then I continued on my own almost 'til closing time.

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks for all of the information! We have signed up for a four-day tour of Central and Southern Taiwan with Viator. That hasn't ordinarily been our style, with the exception of South Africa, but it seemed to be a reasonable way to see some of the country. We will have two full days in Taipei before flying onward to Hong Kong, and will be sure to seek out the National Palace Museum.