Friday, September 27, 2013

Taiwan: By Train To Kaohsiung

Our guide and driver put us on the train to Kaohsiung yesterday afternoon before driving our fellow travelers from Pennsylvania back to Taipei, the end of their tour.

The train made a number of stops, but we would guess travels at 80 miles per hour or more when it's rolling. In a little less than 2 1/2 hours we were being greeted on the platform in Kaohsiung by the guide who will conduct at least part of our tour today.

He drove us to our hotel, Chateau de Chine, another lovely property. Kathy's cold is still annoying, but we managed to walk around a few blocks before finding a delightfully different little place to eat dinner just around the corner. Its name is Fragrance and it seems to be little known but we thought it was great. The owner (?) speaks English as does our waiter, who we discovered had recently returned from working in Vancouver for 12 years.

Among their offerings was a continental-style four course meal, which we found to be a pleasant change from Asian food.

This morning we've just returned from a terrific buffet breakfast and we're ready to meet our guide in the lobby for some more touring.

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