Friday, September 13, 2013

Singapore: A Steamboat Restaurants And "Small World"

After wandering around Chinatown in Singapore for awhile today, we decided to eat at a Steamboat buffet restaurant. Although we haven't tracked down the etymology yet, a steamboat restaurant is actually a place where you cook your own food in broth on an induction oven at your table.

We've eaten at a Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant in Beijing, and at various Korean restaurants in Seoul (and in the US) that feature the same idea. The former is much more similar, since at a typical Korean restaurant one is grilling rather than boiling food in a broth. It's still cook-at-your-own-table though.

We even ran across a recent article here pointing out that this is something of a dining fad in Singapore.

The joint in question is the Secret Garden in the Chinatown Point Mall. We found a blogger who took some photos of the same lunch as the one we ordered. The only difference is that he knew what he was doing.

Tonight we were sitting in the top-floor Conrad Lounge enjoying the view and sipping wine when a young fellow sitting just behind Brian caught our attention with a comment to the waiter about the East Coast area, home of the famous Chili Crab restaurants, being closed for renovation.

We asked him about it, one thing led to another, and we discovered that Daniel is a member of Flyertalk who attended one Oz Fest "Do" with us, and with whom we have several mutual friends in common.

This incident allows us to prove for ourselves yet again that it's a small world after all.

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