Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Providence Airport (PVD) Hampton Inn

Here we are at the end of a long but pleasant day of flying.


Gregory said...

Hm. I rather expected when clicking on that link that I'd see a photo of you at the Hampton Inn. But for naught!

Sounds like you had a good trip. I'm heading to BKK and SIN for a total of 5 days in November. It would appear that I may need to try some new hawker stands.

Kathy and Brian said...

Just imagine any Hampton Inn you've ever stayed in and you'll have an accurate picture of it!

We don't know the extent to which hawker centers like Newton have been set up by government - it's supposedly not as "authentic" as some of the others - but there's still no shortage of good food to be found in Singapore.

We'll be transiting BKK in January en route to the Maldives (another Hilton devaluation-motivated stay) but alas we won't be stopping there.

Gregory said...

I meant to emphasize that I was expecting the photo to be of the two of you, not the Hilton website, but couldn't figure out how to italicize "you."

The Maldives, huh? I considered that but getting there was going to take too many days -- something that matters for those of us still in the workforce! Instead, I'm heading for Koh Samui in March to burn some Hilton points (I'm also burning points at SIN Do in January and London in February).

Kathy and Brian said...

Heh-heh... we weren't feeling too camera-ready at that point in the day.

Yes, a work schedule can get in the way of travel plans, although you juggle the two worlds very adeptly. We have the luxury of being retired guys and not having to worry about that.