Monday, September 9, 2013

Layover At EWR

We used day passes to enter a United Club here after a pleasant transcon from SEA. The flight was bumpy for much of the way but the service was pleasant, lunch was okay, and we enjoyed watching the satellite Direct TV, free in F.

The seat belt sign was on much of the way, quite a contrast to our most recent flights on South African Airways and Air Canada. Other flyers confirm that U.S. airlines in general maximize use of the seat belt signs.  In addition to not worrying as much about the bumps, foreign pilots tend to turn off the sign much more quickly after takeoff and leave it off until the last 10-15 minutes of the flight. Those practices certainly any concerns about having time to use the lavs.

Today, of course, people in F pretty well ignored the seat belt sign and the flight attendants didn't say anything.

We are catching up on e-mail and Internet before boarding the flight Providence in another hour or so.

Morning will come early in the Easter Time Zone but our flight Wednesday morning isn't all that early so we should be able to manage quite readily.

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