Sunday, September 8, 2013

Visits, Sights, and Stats

We greatly enjoyed dinner at our Dave's house last night with Kathy's brother Greg and family.

Today we took the girls to Remlinger Farms. When mentioned that as a possibility, Dana mentioned she had a Groupon that would soon expire.

It turned out that a lot of other people did too. After a pleasant half-hour drive, we found ourselves standing in a 20-minute lineup (conservative estimate) just to enter.

Once inside, the lines were long for the various rides. The girls and we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway but it was one busy place.

We only realized later that our flights home involved five different countries from origin to destination: Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom (although were "in transit" and didn't enter), Canada, and the U.S. Hardly a record but an interesting number none the less.

Speaking of stats, so far this year we've added three countries, Slovenia, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe, to the list of countries we've visited. As far as we can tell, this is our first update since 2011.

We're up to 75 countries according to this website:

visited 75 states (33.3%)
Create your own visited map of The World or Like this? try: Google Protocol

According to the Century Club's broader definition of "country," we're now up to 85 or so. As we always say of countries and anniversaries, "but who's counting?"

Finally, we're flying SEA-EWR-PVD tomorrow. A couple of days later our flights will include the 10th longest non-stop flight in commercial aviation, EWR-HKG.

We've also flown numbers 19 (EWR-BOM) and 23 (YVR-SYD), both in Business Class, along with the discontinued non-stop IAD-JNB that now stops both ways in Senegal for refueling. That one was in Economy, a feat we'll never forget nor repeat.

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